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[WP34S] [Manual] Date - Day functions - E.Lub_EU - 09-26-2011

Hello all,

Browsing through the manual specifically to understand the date manipulation functions, I have stumbled on something that I find strange:

- p. 34, I found the DAY function. At that time, still wondering about its output content (expecting day of the month, in numéric form). Just above and and below, the DATE and DAYS+ cases seem quite clear (really need to get the other calcs manuals to understand the nitty-gritty).

- p. 53, WDAY description seems perfect. Makes me think that, in contrast, DAY would probably return the day of the month.


- p. 27, the example display 10. shows the output of the DAY function with the data and in the format that I expect for the WDAY function.

Unless I did miss something, I would suggest that
- p27 shows the WDAY function,
- the description of the DAY function would be clearer if modified as "... and extracts the day of the month."

Nothing being mentionned about stack changes for DAY, MONTH & YEAR, I assume there is none. Is that correct?

Thanks again for your nice manual!


PS. I nearly forgot, I believe that the footer 3) on page 11 refers to a page 8 that could have morphed into a page 10 (the Greek alpha keyboard)

Re: [WP34S] [Manual] Date - Day functions - Walter B - 09-26-2011

Bonsoir Etienne,

merci pour votres observations. You're right, there's an error in the documentation on page 27: it should refer to WDAY. With respect to DAY, MONTH, and YEAR: each of these three extracts the respective part of an arbitrary date, so for today DAY returns 26, MONTH 9, and year 2011. All these are one-number functions as described on page 12, replacing the date in x by the value they return.

And also your observation concerning the footnote on page 11 is correct.

Both items are corrected now and will be committed with an updated manual soon.

Merci encore une fois,


Re: [WP34S] [Manual] Date - Day functions - E.Lub_EU - 09-26-2011

Guten Abend Walter,

Thanks for your quick answer.
I can see the consistency of DAY - MONTH - YEAR operations now, probably as you do, as a group. It was less obvious for a newbie, discovering the alphabetical organisation of the function list, to isolate the DAY function from its neighbours.

Sorry for not realizing that they were obvious one argument operations (I had read it though!), I am still in the information overload period.

The more I read, the more I am in awe of the quality of your work.

Chapeau bas, gentlemen!