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Lunar Lander for HP-15C? - Gerardo Rincon - 09-25-2011

Where can I find a Lunar Lander Program for the HP 15C?

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Re: Lunar Lander for HP-15C? - bill platt - 09-25-2011

I think it is in my 11c manual, or maybe my 11c user applications handbook. *edit* "Solutions Handbook".

IT is also in some HP-67 and may e 65 stuff. I first played it on one of those cool machines as a kid!

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Re: Lunar Lander for HP-15C? - Michael de Estrada - 09-25-2011

I looked in my 11C manual and the only game I could find is "Submarine Hunt."

Re: Lunar Lander for HP-15C? - Bill (Smithville, NJ) - 09-25-2011

It's in the HP-11C Solutions Book. Progam is called "Moon Rocket Lander".

You might want to try the following version which was for the HP-19C/29C:

Moon Rocket Lander

or try the one for the HP-12C in following forum thread:

Moon Rocket Lander for HP-12C


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