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HP-15c LE Bad Keys - Gerry Schultz - 09-23-2011

I received two more 15C LEs last night (ordered from HP's website) and one of them has a 'CHS' key that is hard to push but does register according to the keyboard test. That prompted me to recheck my two original 15C LEs that I got from Samson Cables last week and the 'GTO' button on one of them doesn't have that 'positive tactile feedback' but registers fine on the keyboard test. That means that two of the four calculators that I've bought have a keyboard issue.

I'm bummed about this and will bring them to the HHC meeting to see what you guys think. I'm hoping that HP can tell me what I need to do to either get these calcs repaired or replaced. Other than they work fine as far as I can tell.


Re: HP-15c LE Bad Keys - Lincoln R. - 09-23-2011

Have you e-mailed Tim Wessman at HP? He wanted to know about any defective 15Cs so HP could deal with them.

Re: HP-15c LE Bad Keys - Michel Beaulieu - 09-23-2011

I have a US made 15C that hasn't been use a lot and if i compare the keyboard to the new 15C, i prefer the new one.

The tactile feel is better on the LE and on my old one the color of keys is too shinny compare to my new LE.

Re: HP-15c LE Bad Keys - Gerry Schultz - 09-23-2011

Well, I'm here at the hotel. Thanks, Lincoln. I have sent Tim an email but haven't herard back.


Re: HP-15c LE Bad Keys - Tim Wessman - 09-23-2011

That's because I've been busy running around doing stuff.

And the internet isn't all that great at the hotel either. . . :-(


Re: HP-15c LE Bad Keys - Paul Dale - 09-23-2011

Let us hope the stuff results in updated firmware for our beloved 15C LEs :-)

- Pauli

Re: HP-15c LE Bad Keys - Gerry Schultz - 09-24-2011

I understand and it's not a problem. I know you will do whatever you can for all of us. I'll see you tomorrow. We are here to have fun and I'm not going to let this issue spoil it.