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HP-65 clear body!! - robertoataulfo - 09-15-2011

There is an HP-97 with the transparent body like this?

HP-65 Clear Body !!!!

Re: HP-65 clear body!! - Martin Pinckney - 09-15-2011

Two grand?? I'd rather leave the inner workings to my imagination!

Re: HP-65 clear body!! - Dan M (Vermont, USA) - 09-15-2011

Yes, there is (HP-97). Except with top AND bottom.

Re: HP-65 clear body!! - Brian Walsh - 09-15-2011

It would be more desirable if the top half of the case were clear, too.

I have a one of a kind blue (think blue shift key) HP-41 case. The entire case. I've never used it but am considering transplanting my 41CX into it when the 41CL arrives.

Re: HP-65 clear body!! - Jake Schwartz - 09-15-2011

Yes, there is (HP-97). Except with top AND bottom.

In the final (Aug, 1983) issue of HP Key Notes (Vol. 8 No. 2) on the cover is a photo of Key Notes editor Henry Horn with part of his HP collection and front and center is his clear HP-97. Back in 1981 after the HP Calc conference in Corvallis had wrapped up, Richard Nelson and I visited Henry at his house there, and one of the things he did was pull out all his clear machines to show off. That was impressive.