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15C package - Quan - 09-14-2011

I ordered a 15c on the 9/8/2011 and it arrived in a thin plastic bubble bag. No damage.

I ordered another 15c on the 9/9/2011, but this time it arrived in a box. No damage either.

LE number 915 and 2152.

Did yours come in a bag or a box? Any damage if it arrived in a bag?

Just curious.

Re: 15C package - Gene Wright - 09-14-2011

They are all supposed to be in a box.

Who did you order from? call them and complain. Loudly.

Re: 15C package - M. Joury - 09-14-2011

My first one arrived in a bag and the outer box was damaged. The next two arrived in a box in perfect condition. I actually mentioned it to buy.com as an aside in my back and forth about availability (which at that stage was a moot point since I already had mine) and they immediately (without my asking) offered either:

1. An exchange or
2. A $15 credit

Since I had 2 perfect ones I took the credit. Got that $5 off per unit after all!

I was actually pleasantly surprised by their immediate response and offer to correct the problem. Specially after all the negative feedback flying around on this forum when we were still unsure if buy.com actually had the units at all.



Edited: 14 Sept 2011, 6:28 p.m.

Re: 15C package - Jim Johnson - 09-14-2011

My two (2) HP-15cLE's arrived today in boxes. They were ordered from Buy.com. Packing was good with a sturdy outer brown cardboard box with heavy brown paper inside as cushion and the HP-15cLE box sitting inside. Very impressive shipping using FedEx ground to ship from Olive Branch, Mississippi to Indianapolis, Indiana in just two days. Ordered on Saturday, shipped Monday and arrived early Wednesday morning.

Re: 15C package - uhmgawa - 09-14-2011

They are all supposed to be in a box.

Who did you order from? call them and complain. Loudly.

Couldn't agree more.

Many moons ago I ordered a 35s (don't ask) from buy.com
only to have it shipped in a thin plastic bag which appeared
it was used to mop the floor, and resulting in the
blister pack being crushed. As it only cost me US$15 I
didn't make a fuss over it. Reading some here state they
were shipping the 15c as such made me cringe. Fortunately
mine arrived in a substantial box sealed curiously enough
with "tamper evident" tape.

I suppose it is fair to say buy.com's shipping procedure is

Re: 15C package - Quan - 09-14-2011

I suspect someone already complained, hence the change from bag to box.

BTW, thank you very much for the cable.

Re: 15C package - Martin Pinckney - 09-14-2011

They are all supposed to be in a box.

I got mine from Buy.com. It came in the "lizard skin" presentation box, but the box was shipped in a bubble bag. I think that was what Quan meant.

Re: 15C package - Quan - 09-14-2011


One box in a bag and one box in a bigger box.


Re: 15C package - troy - 09-14-2011

it wasn't actually the buy.com packaging that annoyed me. it was fedex.

first, they said (last friday on the tracking data) the package will arrive on monday. so i waited almost the whole day monday only for them to change the date at around lunchtime to tuesday. then on tuesday, i was ready to wait some more when the date changed again.

the suspense almost killed me, but i finally got it.

Re: 15C package - Lincoln R. - 09-15-2011

My buy.com order came in a pretty sturdy box sealed with tamper tape. Shipped 09/12/11, Delivered to Pittsburgh, PA 09/14/11 (with the free shipping no less). I have Limited Edition number 02195, arrived with no damage.

Re: 15C package - BruceH - 09-15-2011

Good thing it was only Buy.com doing the packaging and not HP.


Re: 15C package - Katie Wasserman - 09-15-2011

I used to run a a few HP3000 systems and the documentation was routinely delivered to us in a series of nested boxed, although not quite as many levels deep as this. Does HP own a paper company, if not they should it would help with their ink sales too.

Re: 15C package - Tim Wessman - 09-15-2011

I have an even better one.

Ordered a large, flexible cutting mat from Amazon to aid with kite construction. I think it is about 1m by 1.5m. It came in a box the size of a 3/4 sized refrigerator and was completely empty except for the flexible mat loose at the bottom. The delivery person asked me if I'd open it up so he could see what was in it. He throught it was an empty box!

I guess they didn't want to roll it up. . . :-|


Edited: 15 Sept 2011, 5:55 p.m.

Re: 15C package - Dave Shaffer (Arizona) - 09-15-2011

I think I have seen the real world record - at least for packaging volume to product volume: an FET chip (not a complete transistor in its three-lead housing, but just the naked silicon chip itself) certainly less than a mm square and a few hundred microns thick, delivered in a shoe-box size package.

This was for a specialized radio astronomy receiver.

The outside box did help keep the product from getting lost along the way!