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Found in a rubbish bin. - Stuart Sprott - 09-13-2011

The company that I work for have just moved to another office. They had been in the last office for over 30 years. In that time a hell of a lot of useless files equipment had accumulated.

The move was a good time to get rid of the useless stuff.

During the move I just happened to look in one of the rubbish bins and spotted HP 32Sii. Naturally I picked it and tried to use it. The keys felt good but nothing happened. Perhaps the batteries were flat; but I felt that would be too good to be true. Anyway I brought some batteries today and it fired up straight away. As far as I can see everything works just fine.

In the past I have never had a 32Sii. The calculator appeals to me and seems easy to program. I do not have a manual, but so far I have been able to work out most of the functions.

My guess is that who ever owned it was just to lazy to get new batteries. I wonder how many good calculators have ended up in a rubbish tip.

Just one question. The face of the calculator is fairly grotty. What is the best fluid and method to clean the face without damaging the original markings?

Re: Found in a rubbish bin. - db (martinez, ca.) - 09-13-2011

Whatever you use, be gentle on the first couple of passes or the grit you are cleaning off will buff thousands of microscopic lines into the painted faceplate.

I don't know this because i'm a good calculator cleaner.

Re: Found in a rubbish bin. - Bart (UK) - 09-13-2011

I don't know this because i'm a good calculator cleaner.

Somewhere in my head I can't help hearing "Good judgement comes from experience, experience comes from..." :-)

Re: Found in a rubbish bin. - robert rozee - 09-13-2011

i use a little De-Solv-It, a citrus based glue solvent and stain remover. a similar (though not quite effective) option is eucalyptus oil. a very light spray, then brush away the dirt with a 1" paintbrush, periodically wiping the brush clean with a rag.

De-Solv-It has the extra advantage of leaving an orangey fresh smell behind!!

Re: Found in a rubbish bin. - Namir - 09-13-2011

Be careful! De-Solv-It may alter the Solve algorithm in the calculator. Make sure that you test that feature and that it gives good results!



PS: Sorry ... hehehehe .. I could not help myself but to respond to De-Solv-It. It was too good to just let it slide by!

Edited: 13 Sept 2011, 9:03 a.m.

Re: Found in a rubbish bin. - Lyuka - 09-13-2011

Then, I'd recommend Super Solver instead :-)



Actually, I'll use isopropanol / methanol mixture at first.
If it won't work, I'll use CRC-6-66 then.

Edited: 13 Sept 2011, 9:24 a.m.

Re: Found in a rubbish bin. - NateB - 09-13-2011

Nice find. The manual is available from HP here.

Re: Found in a rubbish bin. - Bob Patton - 09-13-2011

I can e-mail you a little ASCII starter manual for the 32SII if you will contact me directly.