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HP98xx Emulators? - HPhreacker(POA, Brazil) - 06-29-2002

Are there any HP98xx calculator emulators?
Why not to code one? The calculators seem to be very nice, but I don't want to spend my (limited) money on a international aution; and I am just a 15 year old hobbyist and HP calculator lover.

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Re: HP98xx Emulators? - Ellis Easley - 06-30-2002

I have heard (here!) that with regard to the 9825 - 35 - 45 models in particular, very little documentation concerning internal operation has leaked out of HP. It is kind of surprising since I think these models were made in very large numbers. Just recently someone was asking here for information to convert an industrial application from a 9825 to a PC. As I understand it, one thing that contributed greatly to emulators for the handhelds is that HP disclosed large portions of the HP45 ROM in a patent, which becomes public information.

Re: HP98xx Emulators - BASIC - Andrés C. Rodríguez (Argentina) - 06-30-2002

For the BASIC part, I think I have seen advertisements about a software product called HT BASIC, which allowed HP BASIC programs to be run in a PC. The company name was TransEra. All this is just from my memory, I just remember the ads. Perhaps the HP9835 - 9845 are supported.

BTW, congratulations for the FIFA Cup Brazil just won!

Re: HP98xx Emulators - BASIC - HPhreacker(POA, Brazil) - 06-30-2002

Thank you. I will search for it...
BTW, Brazil == 5x Champion ;-)
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Re: HP98xx Emulators? - Tony Duell - 06-30-2002

The HP9815 patent is a mine of information -- it included partial schematics and 5/7ths of the ROM source code (6800 assembler). The 2/7ths that are missing are the floating point routines, etc, but you do get the I/O drivers, and so on. There's even the format of the expansione ROMS!
I am told the HP9825 patent at least includes the CPU instruction set and partial ROM listings. So some infromation is out there...

Re: HP98xx Emulators? - Holger Veit (DE) - 07-01-2002

By chance, you don't have the patent numbers for the HP9815, do you?