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Removing 9810 printer snap rings (circlips) - David Ramsey - 09-04-2011

Suggestions on how to remove these things? These are very sturdy pieces. I cannot apply enough pressure to spread them open sufficiently to slip them off using standard snap ring pliers.

Edited: 4 Sept 2011, 6:13 p.m.

Re: Removing 9810 printer snap rings (circlips) - Ethan Conner - 09-05-2011

Here are a couple of things i have done in the past. Both are gross misuse of tools but anyway be careful. Try a straight slot screwdriver tip that will just fit in the opening and twist, this might generate enough torque to open up the snap ring. If you have enough room you can use two hook scribes to try and pull apart the snap ring. Hope this helps.

Re: Removing 9810 printer snap rings (circlips) - David Ramsey - 09-05-2011

Sadly, no. Either I don't have the right tools, or there's something special about this clip.

The tips of snap ring pliers deflect under load until they slip out of the holes. Likewise, I cannot apply enough force with the blade of a screwdriver to spread the ends of the clip without the screwdriver slipping out (and gouging the plastic gear this clip retains). Using a hammer to tap a flat blade screwdriver against the open end of the clip has no results (at least and the forces I'm willing to apply).

So far the only results of my efforts have been scratches and gouges in the clip and the plastic gear it secures.

Edited: 5 Sept 2011, 1:13 p.m.

Re: Removing 9810 printer snap rings (circlips) - Ethan Conner - 09-05-2011

If you were local to me this is the part where i would say "let me try". :)

Re: Removing 9810 printer snap rings (circlips) - Tony Duell - 09-06-2011

Somewhat unusually, the circlips in this printer do not fit into grooves in the shafts. They just fit over the shafts and rely on friction to keep them in place.

That means you don't have to open them up very much to get them off. If you put your circlip pliers in the circlip and try to open it, and then put a screwdrver under the circlip (say between the circlip and one of the gears) and lever it towards the end of the shaft, it'll probably come off with no problem.

In the case of the spindles for the loading belts, I've found it easiest to open the circlip with the pliers as normal, then push the spindle into the printer.

Re: Removing 9810 printer snap rings (circlips) - David Ramsey - 09-06-2011

Thanks, Tony! The clips come off pretty easily when you know The Secret!

In other news, you can find 100% alcohol in the paint section of your local hardware store.

Edited: 6 Sept 2011, 1:33 p.m.