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The big bang - bluesun08 - 09-04-2011

Without any words:

Re: The big bang - Mark Hardman - 09-04-2011


Without any words:

Re: The big bang - Michael de Estrada - 09-04-2011

Poor Leo Apotheker must feel like Obama did when he inherited the US economy from Bush.

Re: The big bang - Raymond Del Tondo - 09-04-2011

Dunno if this is comparable. Bush left a nearly bancrupt country,

L.A. seems to like to destroy a more-or-less functioning company with his own (mal-) decisions.

No wonder SAP didn't want to have L.A. as CEO any further...

Re: The big bang - Jean-Michel - 09-05-2011

All is not that bad: at least the last digit of Pi is now correct on this picture...