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Times have changed - Nick R - 08-26-2011

I returned my HP35S this morning with mixed feelings. I was glad to see the last of it and its shortcomings but on the other hand I was sorry it turned out to be so disappointing. When I returned it the person at the store didn't have the slightest interest as to why it was coming back. The last time I took back a calculator was in 1985 when my HP41CX had an intermittent fault in the PRGM / ALPHA switch and the reaction was much different. The store wanted to know exactly what the problem was and no doubt passed the information up the line. That was when you could actually try out a calculator before you bought it as they weren't sealed in plastic sarcophagi.
I'll be watching with interest to see if another model is released by HP and will probably be unable to resist the urge to try it out to see if should keep it or throw it back.


Re: Times have changed - Gerson W. Barbosa - 08-26-2011

David Packard, when the ln bug on the HP-35 was discovered: "We're going to tell everyone and offer them a replacement. It would be better to never make a dime of profit than to have a product out there with a problem". ( from http://www.hpmuseum.org/hp35.htm ). What would he his reaction on these bugs?

Re: Times have changed - Paul Dale - 08-26-2011

The product simply wouldn't have made it to market in such a state.

- Pauli

Re: Times have changed - Thomas Radtke - 08-27-2011

The 35s was close to what many forum members wanted. I was just one of several people excited about its appearance in 2007 and was convinced for years, that either an update will follow, or the 35s gets dumped. It still sells, and that's the wrong signal :-(.


I'll put it up on TAS this weekend.

Edited: 27 Aug 2011, 2:48 a.m.