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WP34s with custom finish :) - Lode - 08-23-2011

I managed to flash a WP34s, after having all components (the cable and the calculator of course). It went without problems from the first time. Well, the only problem was finding a Windows machine, since in Wine the port COM1 refused to show up in the Samba v2.9 program, even when linking to /dev/ttyS0 in ~/.wine/dosdevices.

I'll just be honest, the custom key labels I stuck onto it are a pain on the eyes due to being too small and low contrast, but they're easy to remove.

One day I hope to be able to write a multiplatform program that can flash ROMs to this calculator through the serial port, and, to write different ROMs to put on this nice piece of hardware :)

Re: WP34s with custom finish :) - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 08-23-2011

Why different ROMs? ;-)

It's time for Eric Rechlin to get productive again. WP34S is gaining momentum and his overlays are unsurpassed until now.

Re: WP34s with custom finish :) - Lode - 08-23-2011

Well, the possibilities for ROMs are endless! Adventure games, poker, chemical tables, brainf*ck interpreters, .....

Re: WP34s with custom finish :) - Paul Dale - 08-23-2011

Why not 34S user programs for most of these things?

You'll find the dot matrix display a joy to work with *not*.

- Pauli

Re: WP34s with custom finish :) - Walter B - 08-23-2011

Until said overlays will be available, please look here. Just a little adjustment: print width shall be 68 mm. Further help is found at the archives :-)

Re: WP34s with custom finish :) - Lode - 08-23-2011

A grey variant could be nice!

Re: WP34s with custom finish :) - Walter B - 08-24-2011

Could be. Colours, however, were optimized for a next to black background. And be assured, it looks great on the 30b :-)

Re: WP34s with custom finish :) - Eric Rechlin - 08-24-2011

I will make more once I can. I need a new blade for my cutter. I ordered 3 new ones in July and they haven't even shipped yet, so a week ago I ordered 3 more from an Italian seller, but apparently Europeans don't believe in working in August so they aren't going to ship until next week. I seriously hope to have some made in time for the conference but I wouldn't expect them any sooner.


Re: WP34s with custom finish :) - Alexander Oestert - 08-24-2011

Hi Eric,

do you keep a list of people interested in your overlays? Where can I put myself on it - for one or two?


(who has the cable but still waits for the 30b to be delivered.)

EDIT: (who just got the calc and is now a happy WP34s owner with a dire need for an overlay!)

Edited: 24 Aug 2011, 12:41 p.m.

Re: WP34s with custom finish :) - Lode - 08-24-2011

What kind of cutter is it, and on what kind of sticker paper does it get printed?

It sounds really hard to me to cut it out!