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HP50g emulator package - fhub - 07-11-2011


here's a quite interesting complete HP50g emulator package:


Two things are especially remarkable:

1) all shifted functions can be accessed directly by clicking on their label (the most comfortable KML script I've ever seen)

2) a very nice skin for 800x600 resolution (but also bigger skins are included)


Re: HP50g emulator package - Lode - 07-11-2011

Thanks a lot, this one works in Linux under Wine!

Re: HP50g emulator package - fhub - 07-13-2011

Here's a small update for the HP50g package above:


I've improved the BMPs a bit (making some shifted-function labels better readable), and I've included 3 additional KML-scripts ('3D') which give a '3D-effect' (i.e. moving keys) when you click on any calculator key - maybe you'll like it. :-)

It's only an update which contains the KML and BMP files, so the full package above is still needed.


PS: I'm sure that most members here would know where to find it, but for newbies here's the original HP documentation for the HP-50g:

User's Manual:

User's Guide:

Advanced User's Reference Manual:

Edited: 13 July 2011, 7:35 a.m.