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HP-67 AC Charger - Ángel Martin - 06-25-2011

Recently I got a nice HP-67 but it's missing the AC charger - was wondering whether the same charger used for the 41/Printer/TapeDrive/ would also be suitable? The 67 has three male conectors, whilst the charger in question only has two female connectors - but physically they match two of the 67 prongs. Does anyonw know if they're compatible?


Re: HP-67 AC Charger - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 06-25-2011

You need one of the classic chargers that work for the 35 or the 45. You will likely ruin the card reader electronics if you don't have a working battery pack in place and connect the charger. Some posts down is a discussion were to find these cheap.

Re: HP-67 AC Charger - Hans Brueggemann - 06-25-2011


these chargers are not cpmpatible with each other.
the 41 charger has (simply spoken) an AC constant voltage output, meaning that the charged device has its own rectifier and battery charging electronics on board.
the 67 charger has a DC constant current output, so, battery charging is completely managed by the electronics inside the charger itself.

best regards,


Re: HP-67 AC Charger - Ángel Martin - 06-25-2011

Danke Marcus & Hans, it's now time for me to star the search for one of those charges so I can enjoy the 67 as it deserves :-)

Anyone has a spare one for sale?

Re: HP-67 AC Charger - db (martinez, ca.) - 06-25-2011

i have nothing to do with this auction, i'm answering a question.

USB charger

Re: HP-67 AC Charger - Etienne Victoria - 06-25-2011

I also don't have any relationship with this auction but would like to second Den's suggestion.

I have been using this cable permanently on my desk with my Hp 80 & 65 since one year, both equipped with Ni-Mh batteries --> great functionality and smooth charge.


Re: HP-67 AC Charger - Trent Moseley - 06-25-2011


I have an extra one that I will give to you. Email me at trentrwc@pacbell.net with your postal address.

Trent Moseley