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SpeedUI Bug with Unit Conversion? - Timo - 06-20-2011

Hi all,

I'm not sure if I've come across a bug in SpeedUi which is associated to the unit conversion. Here's what I do:

- Enter a number then R-Shift "Units", then slect a unit submenu, e.g. "LENG".

- Assign a unit to the number, e.g. "m".

- Then convert it into another unit, e.g. "ft", using L-Shift "FT".

- Try to convert it into "yd" using L-Shift "YD" and nothing will happen, only an error beep can be heard.

On the standard HP-48GX, one can switch back and forth bewteen different units using the key combination (L-Shift then Unit), but not so when SpeedUI is installed. With SpeedUI, this conversion sequence only works once. Then I have to exit the unit submenu, then re-enter it again to make it work.

I've observed this behaviour in SpeedUI 11.04 and 11.05 and could also verify it using Emu48.

Raymond, are you familiar with this behaviour?

I'd appreciate any feedback, best regards,

Re: SpeedUI Bug with Unit Conversion? - Raymond Del Tondo - 06-20-2011

Hi Timo,

many thanks for the bug report:-)

The bug has already been fixed, actually it was changing one single opcode.

The new SpeedUI version 11.06 , which will be released in a few days, and which includes some other bug fixes and performance optimisations, will include the fixed LS units menu code, of course.

Best Regards