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black HP17bII - Jose Gonzalez Divasson - 06-16-2011

I have finally received the black 17bII that I have been looking for.

HP 17bII black

Does anybody know why HP turned to the admittedly uglier brown scheme?

Also the pouch is black - and seems better quality as well.

Both machines pictired were made in Indonesia.

Re: black HP17bII - Andrés C. Rodríguez (Argentina) - 06-16-2011

IIRC, I think that in a HP Digest magazine around 1980 it was mentioned that the HP41 was dark brown (and not black) because brown was "warm", avoiding the "coldness" of black. If this approach was still valid many years after is just a possibility...

Re: black HP17bII - NACHO - 06-17-2011


first units were brown then arrived the black one.

keyboard is better in the brown unit.


Re: black HP17bII - Don Shepherd - 06-17-2011

Ugly, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

I think the brown unit is better looking.

Re: black HP17bII - Jose Gonzalez Divasson - 06-17-2011

Thanks for the information!

Serial number info is not as clear as with old models.

Regarding keyboard quality, both are equal in my humble opinion. I am not able to wring out any difference!!

Re: black HP17bII - NACHO - 06-17-2011


i have some 17bii, the brown ones are singapore units with molded keys and the black units are from indonesia and painted keys.

the lcd is a bit better in the black units.