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Somewhat OT: WOIM - Geir Isene - 06-03-2011

After having worked a few years on a comprehensive description system, WOIM has now reached a mature and stable level.

It's an Outliner, a TODO-list solution, a project management tool, a Business Process Management aid, a data modeler, a Use Case facilitator, a way to describe the human DNA or the history of the universe ;)

It is the notation I use for sketching new ideas, when outlining new FOCAL or MCODE programs or when structuring a technical architecture. I use it for meeting minutes, for Use Cases, for logical breakdowns of ideas, for Business Process implementations and for so much more.

And there is a software solution that tags along with it; A WOIM plugin for the best text editor in the world (VIM :) With this plugin you can handle WOIM lists in many sophisticated ways, all neatly syntax highlighted of course.

Just wanted to let you know. More at my blog.

Dang - Frank Boehm (Germany) - 06-06-2011

best text editor in the world (VIM :)

Dang, time to upgrade from vi :)

Re: Dang - Geir Isene - 06-12-2011

Indeed :)