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hp19c value? - ais - 05-18-2011


I have been holding onto my HP19C for many a year.
It is complete with original box, manuals and leather case.
Last used about 20 years ago and been "stored" ever since.
I would guess the batteries must be dead by now.
Just wondering if anyone can give me an idea of value.
Thanks in advance for any input.

Re: hp19c value? - DavidShenk - 05-18-2011

If you rebuilt the original battery pack and could confirm that it was working, with original box, manuals, etc. I would say you could get $300 or so. Less if it is sold "as is" Much depends on the condition of the calculator and if it is printing properly. If it was in mint condition without any wear, I would think it could go for $400+.

Re: hp19c value? - Michael de Estrada - 05-18-2011

The batteries will be dead for sure, and you should *not* attempt to operate it with the AC adapter either with a dead battery pack or with the battery pack removed. More than likely the batteries will have leaked and outgassed during the time it was stored, which can cause serious damage to the calculator internals if the battery pack was not removed during storage.

Edited: 18 May 2011, 1:44 p.m.

Re: hp19c value? - ais - 05-18-2011

Thanks for the input so far.
I had the foresight to remove the batteries before storing it.
It was working perfectly up to the time I stopped using it.

Re: hp19c value? - Michael de Estrada - 05-18-2011

The fact that it was working fine at the time of storage does not necessarily equate to it working properly now, 20 years later. There are parts in the printer such as paper advance rollers that can deteriorate over time and there may be electronic components such as electrolytic capacitors that go bad with age, although I don't know if this particular model has any. The only way you will know for sure is to either rebuild the battery pack or connect the calc battery terminals to a regulated DC power supply providing approximately 5 vdc and test it.

Re: hp19c value? - ais - 05-19-2011

How would one go about rebuilding the original battery pack?

Re: hp19c value? - DavidShenk - 05-19-2011

The pack contains 4 AA size NiCd batteries. You can open it carefully with a razor blade and a little careful prying at the seam between the two halves. I bought tabbed replacement cells and soldered them together. Regular rechargeables with the "bump" on the positive side may not fit. Pay careful attention to polarity. When done, I just used a little tape along the seam to close it up.

There is also a spring or springs inside the pack on one side that you'll want to put back. They are important to how the pack fits into the calculator.