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hp 41 (halfnut version) - steve - 06-06-2002

when was the halfnut manufactured and what is the difference between the halfnut version and the rest of the 41 series

Re: hp 41 (halfnut version) - db (martinez, ca.) - 06-06-2002

mine is a cx stamped the 44th month of 87 and was sold as the controler for a numericly controled machine tooling unit.

Re: hp 41 (halfnut version) - Richard Garner - 06-06-2002

The halfnut version of the 41CV/CX were made in the last 3 to 4 years of the 41 run. Someone here check me if I am wrong, but the halfnut was so named because it was manufactured with half of the componants of the original 41. The PCBs went from 4 to 2 and the chips went from about 4 to 1 or 2. The difference in the 2 was denoted by the black band around the display. Only the halfnut versions had the black band. The halfnut version also had additional features built into its chip to allow for better MCode programing. I hope this helps.

Re: hp 41 (halfnut version) - Karl Schneider - 06-07-2002

The serial # on my recently-purchased halfnut 41-CV is 2636S21740, placing its manufacture in September 1986. However, text in MOHPC (http://www.hpmuseum.org/collect.htm#earliest) says, "Earliest Halfnut version found: 2511." (March 1985)

Some more info can also be found at http://www.hpmuseum.org/collect.htm#versions

Re: hp 41 (halfnut version) - David Smith - 06-07-2002

The halfnut machines tend to be more reliable (but less repairable) than the full nut machines. This is becuase they have drastically fewer components and connections than the full nuts (especially that zebra connector between the CPU and keyboard). For harsh field conditions the half nut machines are best.

Full nut displays are much better than the half nut ones. They can be read over a wider viewing angle, have higher contast, and have less temperature dependent variations.

Also full nut keyboards tend to be clickier (both audible and tactile) than the half nut ones. Some people like the softer keys, others like their keys loud and snappy.

Re: hp 41 (halfnut version) - Ellis Easley - 06-07-2002

Didn't the profile of the keys change along the way? Taller to shorter or vice versa. Was this coincident with the fullnut/halfnut transition?