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HP 10bii+ Review - Eddie W. Shore - 04-22-2011


This is my review form the 10bii+ calculator.  Enjoy.  In short, this is a solid calculator, despite the fact it does not have RPN. 

Re: HP 10bii+ Review - Katie Wasserman - 04-22-2011

Nice review, but I need to take exception to your "last answer" bug report. In fact RCL =, is not a "last answer" function it's a "last =" function. It simply returns the last value shown after your pressed the = key. If you obtained an answer that did not use the = key then the value returned from RCL = will still be whatever was shown on the display the last time you pressed the = key.


Edited: 22 Apr 2011, 9:45 a.m.

Re: HP 10bii+ Review - Jose Gonzalez Divasson - 04-22-2011


I have added it to my (still short) review list

HP Calculator review list

Re: HP 10bii+ Review - Tim Wessman - 04-22-2011

Actually, it worked like this but a (rather unfortunate) 10bII behavior required a change. INPUT, N and so on does a = internally when you press those keys. Thus if you do 5*6 INPUT, RCL = will be 30. This behavior of doing the = when there are pending operations was actually used in some textbooks.


Re: HP 10bii+ Review - Tim Wessman - 04-22-2011

A few comments here:

That last example of NPV was removed (since NPV is natively calculated). . . just not entirely. Oops!

K indicator - I had not though of that and I like it. Wish I had thought of it earlier. :-)

The reason the regression is not automatically selected is that for various reasons I had to wait until you actually did the calculation before doing it. I agree it is not perfect.

That repeating paragraph. . . wow! :-(


Re: HP 10bii+ Review - Katie Wasserman - 04-22-2011

I stand corrected. Apparently I don't have the latest release of the firmware in my 10bii+.

TW, Can I get that somehow?


Re: HP 10bii+ Review - Tim Wessman - 04-23-2011

Just looked at it. I am sure you've got the latest/final firmware.

Basically, I misspoke. When you press INPUT it does do an internal = to evaluate anything. However, when you enter the next number and press something like %CHG, it does another =.

So if you do 20+30 INPUT, RCL = at this point will give 50. If you then do 30 %CHG, RCL = will return 30.