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HP75D AT&T Version - Alberto Fenini - 04-17-2011

ciao a tutti

this is a unit that I have received few days ago,

it is in working conditions, and the battery compartment has been fully cleaned

however, I'd like to remove the docking station from the unit for further inspection.

Later on, I have also purchased the optical wand that should go with the unit

Does anyone know how to separate the unit and the docking station,
and where I could find the additional documentation from AT&T ??
What was the difference from the standard HP75D (beside the modem and the additional memmory ) ??
Thanks in advnace to everyone, take care Alberto

Re: HP75D AT&T Version - John Pierce - 04-17-2011

I have a .pdf copy of the Pod's manual which has installation instructions. Send me your email address and I can send it to you. John Pierce

Re: HP75D AT&T Version - Jeff O. - 04-18-2011

In case you have not connected with John, and/or for anyone else who needs to know, here is how to remove the pod:

How to Remove Pod from HP-75D:

Turn the pod upside-down and you'll see various philips screws. Unscrew the 6 large ones (3 on either side of the pod). Then you can take away the two side-panels which hold the HP75 in place. Gently lift the HP75 and you'll see that the port-plug is connected with a flex-cable. Unplug the HP75 and there you are. A common problem is that HP75 which come in a pod don't have the battery door to run them independently.

Above is not my own, is courtesy of Daniel (last name not known by me), probably from this Forum.

I needed the instructions for the exact same reason you do, to remove the pod from ATT-branded 75D's. I found four of them at a Hamvention seven or eight years ago. I think one or two of them worked (they were wet, having been exposed to rain.) I never found any information on what ATT did with them.


Re: HP75D AT&T Version - Alberto Fenini - 04-18-2011

Thanks Jeff,

I have sent him an email few minutes ago,

but your note is very helpful anyway.

Where you able to dial a number and make a data connection ?

Why has the modem two ports ?

Take care and thanks, Alberto

Re: HP75D AT&T Version - Jeff O. - 04-18-2011


I made no attempt to dial a number or make a data connection. When I said that one or two of mine worked, I meant that they seemed to function as a 75D. I never attempted to use any of the functions provided by the pod.

Good luck with yours,



Re: HP75D AT&T Version - John Pierce - 04-18-2011

You have 9mgb of mail.

Re: HP75D AT&T Version - Alberto Fenini - 04-19-2011

Got it !

Thank you very much, Alberto