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49G spotted - Karl Hafen - 05-21-1999

Found a picture of the new 49g. Is this for real? Does anyone speak french? here is the web address: http://hpwww.ec-lyon.fr/hpserv/hewpack/hpcalc/actu/jpo99/jpo99.html

Re: 49G spotted - Les Bell - 05-21-1999

It certainly looks real, although I've been fooled before . However, there was supposed to be some sort of announcement in France today, so . . .

I downloaded the PDF, and from my schoolboy French it appears that it has 512K of RAM and 1 MB of flash ROM as standard. Choice of RPN or algebraic operation.

Nothing on the HP US web site yet, though.

Re: 49G spotted - Rick - 05-21-1999

Looks like HP & TI will merge their efforts soon.... Can't seem to break the form factor...

Re: 49G spotted - Steve Simpkin - 05-27-1999

The HP49G is HP's newest high end calculator. It was officially anounced in France on May 21. No information on its availability or price yet. It has 512K of RAM and 2MB of Flash ROM. More infomation can be found at:


This is part of the www.hpcalc.org site.

Re: 49G spotted - KcmB - 06-07-1999

It's all bullshit. The French tried to fool everybody.

Best, Klaus

Re: 49G spotted - Steve Simpkin - 06-14-1999

Very funny Klaus!

The HP49G is quite real. Look for it to appear in August for about $169.00 US. If you can't wait, pre-order it now from Wholesale Products at: http://www.wholesaleproducts.com/hpcalcs.html

or from Wholesale Advantage (probably the same company)at: http://www.wholesaleadvantage.com/hpcalcs_content.html#calculators

A detailed FAQ about the HP49G is located at: http://hp48.ml.org/hp49/docs/faq/