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Buy, Sell or Neutral? - Michael de Estrada - 04-05-2011

I'm addressing this query to those on this forum who consider themselves to be calculator "collectors." What do you consider to be the current state of your collection. Are you actively seeking to increase the size of your collection? Are you in the process of reducing it's size or even selling it off? Or are you in a neutral maintenance mode, selling a few duplicate items, while seeking to fill a few holes with missing items? I'm currently in a neutral mode, having been in an aggressive buy mode for the past few years. I've decided that my collection size has reached a sensible limit and I've met most of my criteria in terms of the types of calculators I wish to collect (RPN, LED or VFD, pocket / handheld size). Also, I've tried to maximize the number of working specimens, repairing what I can and disposing of the remainder.

Another question I have is to what extent you consider yourself to be a restorer as opposed to simply a collector of as is condition calculators. Are you willing to tinker with calculators in an attempt to repair them, knowing that you may do further damage, but gain knowledge in the process? How important is it that the calculator be a complete set with all original accessories or that it be in like new "mint" condition? Is there a limit to how much you are willing or able to pay for a very rare item?

Anyways, lots of questions I know, but hopefully this will stimulate some interesting discourse.

Re: Buy, Sell or Neutral? - Namir - 04-05-2011

The answer is Yes!

Re: Buy, Sell or Neutral? - Geoff Quickfall - 04-05-2011



Re: Buy, Sell or Neutral? - Walter B - 04-05-2011

42 d;-)

Re: Buy, Sell or Neutral? - Eddie W. Shore - 04-06-2011

Buyer; although I am buying more calculator apps an physical calculators these days.

Re: Buy, Sell or Neutral? - David Ramsey - 04-07-2011

After almost 30 years of collecting (HP RPN handheld scientifics), I'm in a holding pattern, since I have every one (and all the variations of individual models I'm aware of). Having the complete set (box, accessories, etc.) is nice but a clean working calc is good enough. I got pretty good at restoring first-gen calcs and rebuilding card readers but haven't done any of that in years.

I've bid on (but not won) a couple of oddball versions like a green-LED HP-45 and a 41 built in a blue plastic case.