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HP-48/49/50 software sites? - x34 - 04-05-2011

Are there any active hp-48-50 software sites? Hpcalc seems to be dead since last year, no updates and no info.

Re: HP-48/49/50 software sites? - Norman Dziedzic - 04-05-2011

dead since last year, no updates and no info.

While there haven't been updates, I would hardly call the site "dead".

It is an invaluable resource I find myself viewing at least once a week. A site like hpcalc relies on submissions from users to have material to do updates. No submissions, no updates.

Even making suggestions on a forum such as this for a needed utility or program can help generate content for sites such as hpcalc.

Let the community know what you are looking for and more likely than not, someone will take on the challenge and start working on a new project. Or if you have something not represented there, you could offer it up as a submission.

Re: HP-48/49/50 software sites? - x34 - 04-06-2011

Well, it was not at all in my thoughts to diminish the value of hpcalc. Sure, i visit it frequently and it is a great site. I just want to know if there are another "consolidated" sites with HP-48 software. I'm really sorry for being rude.

I could not find information on HP-50g emulators with full ARM support on hpcalc. x49gp mentioned there is very old, while newer
versions do certainly exist, but have problems with HPGCC integration.

Maybe some links to current HPGCC and HPLUA projects?

Re: HP-48/49/50 software sites? - David Hayden - 04-07-2011

Maybe some links to current HPGCC and HPLUA projects?

I'll make a shameless plug for my
HPObjects library for HPGCC. This library lets you create and decode native HP objects from within your C code. It largely eliminates the need to write wrapper functions.

I've also been successful at getting C++ to work with HPGCC (thanks to a post by Claudio) and I've gotten HPGCC code working on the 48gii.
I'd be happy help you do either of these things if you're interested.