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HP-71 and HP9114B - Jeff - 05-18-1999

How can I verify that the Disc Drive is producing a file that can be read? I am trying to use an Emulator on my PC but the Disc cannot be read after I complete a ROM dump. Any ideas?

Re: HP-71 and HP9114B - Dan Grelinger - 05-19-1999

I have a couple of 9114B's, but not an HP-71, so I can be of limited help. The first thing to try is to put a formatted diskette into the drive with the power off, and then turn the power on. The drive will perform a self-test using the inserted diskette. I assume that this test includes writing and reading to the drive. If that passes, then I would look for a file VERIFY command on the HP-71. One exists in the HP-IL functions of the HP-41. This verifies that the file can be read successfully.