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Important SpeedUI update to 11.04 - Raymond Del Tondo - 03-14-2011

Hello all,

here's an important update for SpeedUI.

SpeedUI 11.04 accelerates the stack display and editing even more,
and adds a new feature:

You can now switch between
2, 1 or 0 header lines, giving a total of up to 9 stack and edit lines.

A THL (Tog Header Lines) shortcut has been added to the QSM.

The mandatory files to update are CF.LIB, UI.LIB and UF.LIB .

The other components have been recompiled only to reflect the new version number.

For installation/uninstallation, please take a look into
StartHere.pdf supplied with the SpeedUI 11.04 archive.

The new version is available here:

SpeedUI Walkthrough
SpeedUI Zip Archive

but _not_ on www.hpcalc.org (since the site has not been updated for 3 months now)

Have fun:-)


Re: Important SpeedUI update to 11.04 - Timo - 03-14-2011

Hi Raymond,

thanks for this update of SpeedUI.
I've just uninstalled and the re-installed the three affected libs and it works like a charm!

Also, I think the section on uninstalling the individual SpeedUI libs in your PDF documentation has really improved and is much easier to comprehend and apply now.

Keep up the great work!!!

Kind regards,