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DeoxIT & Zebras - aj04062 - 03-05-2011

Would anyone recommend using DeoxIT Gold with the zebra contacts on LCDS?

I just fixed a nasty corrosion problem on a 42S and would like it to hold up.

Re: DeoxIT & Zebras - Randy - 03-05-2011

Deoxit was designed for use on metal contacts. IMO, using the stuff on elastomeric materials would be a very bad idea.

Re: DeoxIT & Zebras HP-42S LCD Repair - aj04062 - 03-05-2011

Update from prior post

I concur on not using DeoxIT. I re-assembled without applying anything. SUCCESS!

After Repair:

Before Repair:

It took a steady hand to repair about 5 traces. I hope the last.