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41CL - Monte Dalrymple - 02-16-2011

If the following people are still interested in a 41CL,

could they send me an email so that I can contact them


Diego Diaz

Paul Dale

Bill Zimmerly


Luiz Vieira

Massimo Gerucci

Raymond Del Tondo

If you're not interested, please let me know so that I can

offer one to somebody else?

email me at monted@systemyde.com

You can check the status at 41CL page


Edited: 16 Feb 2011, 2:25 p.m.

Re: 41CL - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 02-16-2011

PM on the way...

Ah, and it's Gnerucci, BTW... :-)


Re: 41CL - Monte Dalrymple - 02-16-2011

Sorry Massimo, it's written correctly on my list, but my typing sucks.

Re: 41CL - Raymond Del Tondo - 02-16-2011

You have mail:-)



Re: 41CL - Ángel Martin - 02-16-2011

Hi Monte, is your list showing just the "unknowns" or it's supposed to be the comprehensive one for all orders? I guess the former, but just in case... I'm on it! BTW, where's the "registration" official method?


Re: 41CL - Geir Isene - 02-16-2011

Please, pretty please with cherry on top.

I really, truly awfully much want one.

Re: 41CL - Giovanni Jimenez - 02-16-2011


Any chance to get into that privileged list ?

thanks !

Re: 41CL - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 02-16-2011

No, no Monte... it's my last name that sucks :)

Re: 41CL - Paul Dale - 02-17-2011

Mail from me too :)

- Pauli

Re: 41CL - Diego Diaz - 02-18-2011


Guess you've got a lot of mail lately... ;-)

Mine among them...

Cheers from the Canary Islands.