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What is the CCD Plus module? - Gene Wright - 02-11-2011

I know about the CCD/OSX and the CCD module 1B image, but I have seen references to the CCD Plus rom for the HP 41.

Anyone have any details of what's in it? What makes it a "plus" ?

Re: What is the CCD Plus module? - Raymond Del Tondo - 02-11-2011

It's a modified CCD module from Angel.
The "Plus" is somewhat irritating, as it's a CCD 8K image with matrix functions removed, or replaced by alpha register functions, IIRC. Maybe overlapping with the Alpha ROM?

Angel could better comment on this.

Re: What is the CCD Plus module? - Ángel Martin - 02-13-2011

The CCD module was a superb achievement, possibly the better of the custom modules of its time. Yet the Advantage ROM implemented a superior version of the Matrix functions (I think HP purchased them from W&W, which speaks of their quality!) - making the CCD Array FNS set somewhat superfluous.

Which lead to the question: would it be possible to remove them from the CCD, replacing them (i.e. use the available space) with something else?

That's a PLUS in my opinion. Of course everyone would choose a different set, back then I chose ALPHA and Buffer/KA. Just one of many.