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DVDs - Fred Lusk - 02-01-2011

My Museum of HP Calculators DVD set arrived today. Thanks, Dave. This will be so much more fun than doing my income taxes.

Re: DVDs - Paul Dale - 02-01-2011

My second favourite set of DVDs.

I'm biased since I mastered my favourites :-)

- Pauli

Re: DVDs - David Hayden - 02-01-2011

I agree with Fred and Paul. I bought the DVDs several weeks ago and they're just wonderful. If you don't have them, consider buying them, both for the information and to support this site.

Re: DVDs - Namir - 02-01-2011

You are all talking about the DVDs that came out in 2009?


Re: DVDs - Fred Lusk - 02-03-2011

Yes, the 2009 set (Version 7.00)