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F1011A AC/DCAdapter - Palmer O. Hanson, Jr. - 01-16-2011

This weekend I purchased a HP F1011A AC/DC Adapter in a an original carton from a thrift store for a dollar. A manual was not included. It seemed to me that there should have been an accompanying printer at the store but no such luck.

Re: F1011A AC/DCAdapter - Martin Pinckney - 01-16-2011

The devices seem to give out long before the power supplies. I have a box of thirty or so power supplies for everything from cordless phones to HP printers. Hard to throw them away, tried unsuccessfully to sell them on eB** several years ago - maybe I should donate them to your thrift store.

Re: F1011A AC/DCAdapter - Allen - 01-17-2011

The F1011A are compatible with and quite good replacements for the HUGE BRICK 82241A power supply- both the weight and size are less than half the former.