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Classic Plastic cases - aj04062 - 11-27-2010

Is there a different case for every series? If not, are any interchangeable?

Re: Classic Plastic cases - Wanderley Navarro - 11-29-2010

The HP-35 & HP-45 & HP-80 share the same case, all in black.

The HP-55 & HP-70 has the same case of the above, but the 55 in dark green and the 70 in pale green/beige.

The HP-65 & HP-67 has the same case in dark green.

Re: Classic Plastic cases - aj04062 - 12-02-2010

Are you referring to the plastic or metal case?

I thought many of these were GREY?

Re: Classic Plastic cases - Wanderley Navarro - 12-02-2010

I thought you were referring to the plastic case of the BODY of the calculators.