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NOAA tour at HCC2010 (video) just added two more! - Geoff Quickfall - 11-26-2010

Hello All!

For those that weren't there (HCC2010) one of the highlights, aside for HCC2010 was the NOAA tour.

Although the tour included many aspects of NOAA one the more interesting aspects was the theatre with the Globe inside it. Picture a round room with a white sphere suspended from the ceiling. The sphere is 68 inches in diameter and is projected upon by series of computer controlled projectors.

Below are a series of videos I took of the various subjects projected onto the sphere. This gave a real three dimensional effect which you could walk around. The human controller could also spin the image, rotate it, move it forward and backward in time.

Enjoy, you will have audio also. I took these videos using a Canon Powershot S3IS without any lighting or tripod. Also the microphone is closer to me then the speaker so bear with it please!

Iceland volcanic plume

Global earthquake occurence

Earth real time geosynchronous orbit

Artic Ice and climate change (september values)

Venus and Jupiter

More videos to follow but the upload to photobucket is slow and there is 1.5 gigs to be sent and I have to use the computer today!


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