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HP 21 keyboard problem - Yvan Van Hoof - 11-23-2010

Dear forum,

Reactivation of my 1975 HP21 is ok after getting new "standard" batteries.

BUT: on the keyboard the touch "4" does not want to work....

Any idea how to solve this...?

Best regards


Kapellen, BelgiumHP 21 keyboard problem

Re: HP 21 keyboard problem - Walter B - 11-23-2010

Presumably you have to open the case. Please search on this site for instructions. I'm pretty sure we had this topic once at least, but can't spend the time to search myself.


Re: HP 21 keyboard problem - Jeff O. - 11-23-2010

Check out this post from the archives. Other similar posts can be found. I found by searching for "scritch."

Edited: 23 Nov 2010, 12:24 p.m.