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PIL-IO board - J-F Garnier - 10-27-2010

Based on the same technology than the PIL-Box (actually using the same PCB), I just released the PIL-IO board combining a mini HP-IL/GPIO (4 logic-level I/Os) and a simple UART-type HP-IL/serial (not RS232!) interface. It is a way to experiment and start controlling the world with HP-IL at low risk and minimum cost.

More details on my HP-IL page


Edited: 27 Oct 2010, 2:40 p.m.

Re: PIL-IO board - John Robinson - 10-28-2010

Hi Jean-Francois,

I'm interested - how much ?


Re: PIL-IO board - J-F Garnier - 10-29-2010

For information, price of the component kit should be around 42 euros.

John, please contact me directly for more details.


Re: PIL-IO board - Christoph Klug - 11-01-2010

Dear Jean-Francois,

nice to hear from your real world interfacing project. As you know I really like this activities, I call it "Connect HP-41 & HP-IL to future" and Wlodek would call it "Extend your HP41"

For more details about real world interfacing with HP-41 handheld computer I recommend my two books "HP41 Input Output Board" and "IL2000 Interface System".

Hope to see more hardware applications from you , based on your PIL box design...

Best regards - Christoph Klug

Re: PIL-IO board - J-F Garnier - 11-03-2010

Dear Christoph,

Thanks for your kind words. For sure my project does not compete with your great IL2000 Interface System, it's just a simple way to experiment. It was actually requested by a HP-41 user who wanted a few I/Os to drive a relay or sense a button. I added the serial interface because it's a convenient way to communicate with an external uC for more complex applications.

I also recommend your book, it's a great source of information on many HP-IL hardware and applications!