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HP71 zebra connector - Alberto Fenini - 10-19-2010

Dear All,

I had posted few days ago a couple of pics of an HP71b I'm working on.

It was basically missing the zebra connector.

Following your suggestions and the pics found on Etienne's web site

I have done my best to replace it.

These are the left and the right side of the HP71b with
the new connections.

To my surprise, the number of connectors available on the left side is 16while
on the right side we have 17points.

To me it looks that the first and second soldering points on the
right board

are actually the same connection, neverless the question is :

how the heck should I connect letf with right ???

Needless to say, I have attached the power supply but the units is still dead (well, it could be due to a million reasons anyway ....)

As always, any suggestion is VERY welcome !!!

Take care and thanks in advance, Alberto

Re: HP71 zebra connector - Bart (UK) - 10-19-2010


Sorry, couldn't help noticing. There are 17 connection points on both sides. You have missed the 4th one from the top in the top picture, and second one from the bottom in the bottom picture (which indeed seem to be connected).

Good luck, hope you get it working.

Re: HP71 zebra connector - Alberto Fenini - 10-19-2010

Hi, and thanks for noticing it,

I knew about the 2nd from the bottom, I did it on purpose

since I thought it was connected with the adjacent

let me try agin and I'll post the results

thanks again ! Alberto

Re: HP71 zebra connector - Alberto Fenini - 10-19-2010

and it ..... WORKS !!!!!!!!!!!

since it was purchased for 65,00 US$ on TAS described as

"HP-71B non working for spare parts" I must admit the
some time TAS is not too bad ...

thanks everybody for helping me out,

take care Alberto

Re: HP71 zebra connector - Bart (UK) - 10-19-2010

Congratulations!! Always good to see an old calculating/computing device working again :).

Re: HP71 zebra connector - Jerry Raia - 10-20-2010

The 71 is a classic, one of a kind.

Re: HP71 zebra connector - Michael Meyer - 10-20-2010

The world is one HP-71b better! Congratulations! My first real computer, and still one very powerful machine.