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HP-45S ? Is there a new model ? - Karl-Ludwig Butte - 10-13-2010

Dear All,

while searching for pictures of the HP-40G I stumbled over this website where I found a picture of a HP-45S. It looks similar to an HP-35S but the cursor keys are in a different place and the LCD is larger showing all 4 stack registers. You can klick on the image to enlarge it. Beneath the image is a reference to "hpmuseum.org" but this link points to the same page.

Does anyone knows anything about an HP-45S ?

Best regards


Re: HP-45S ? Is there a new model ? - Walter B - 10-13-2010

Hallo Karl,

entspann' dich! Soweit ich mich erinnere, war das ein Entwurf für einen technisch-wissenschaftlichen Rechner von zwei Forumskollegen vor einigen Jahren.

Relax. IIRC, this was a draft for a scientific calc designed by two forum members some years ago.