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OT: HP200LX Mass Storage - Gerry Schultz - 10-06-2010

Hello All:

From a previous posting, I recently remembered that I had won a 1 MB HP200LX PDA at HHC2009. I've got a CR2032 backup battery in it now and, so far, it works great. I have an old PCMCIA 5-in-1 card reader that fits into the slot on the side and I put a 64 MB SD card in it. In the Setup application, it reports the card battery is okay (as far as I know the card reader has no battery in it.) From the Filer, under options, when I try to format the card, it requests that I want to format A and I say yes, it prompts for a new disk (I am assuming it's in DOS), press enter and it reports Format not supported on drive A:, Format terminated.

I believe the problem is the PCMCIA card I'm using with an SD card is not compatible with the 200LX. I have some Compact Flash memory but that doesn't fit the slot in the side. I have no manuals but I did find one on-line but it doesn't talk much about what kind of memory the 200LX requires that I could find.

So, my questions are, what hardware do I need to have a valid A drive, what is the largest size the 200LX will support, and I would like to be able to move the A drive memory card over to a PC to move files on and off the 200LX as Katie suggested previously so what's the best media type to use? Compact Flash? Using a PC application and a serial cable appears to be a real pain.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Re: OT: HP200LX Mass Storage - Gerson W. Barbosa - 10-06-2010


I use a CF Type II to PCMCIA adapter and a 256MB SanDisk CF card (model SDCFB, copyright 2000) in mine. You can find a comprehensive table of compatible cards here:



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Re: OT: HP200LX Mass Storage - Chris Randle (UK) - 10-06-2010

Try running the HP200's fdisk100 command on the card before you do the format.

Re: OT: HP200LX Mass Storage - Bill (Smithville, NJ) - 10-06-2010


I think the problem is that you are using a 5 in one pcmcia card adapter. If that adapter was plugged into a standard windows pc, you would have up to 5 additional drives. The HP-200lx doesn't know waht to do with multiple drives the card shows.

My 200lx has always worked with a single card adapter - CF to PCMCIA,and Memory Stick to PCMCIA. Not sure if I've ever seen a SD to PCMCIA adapter. I suggest you get CF to PCMCIA, they work great.


Re: OT: HP200LX Mass Storage - Gerry Schultz - 10-06-2010

Oh crap, your probably right Bill, I hadn't thought of that. Gerson's link to hermocom.com was what I needed to find what CF cards are compatible with the 200LX, thanks Gerson. I've purchased some CF memory cards and CF to PC Cards type 1 adapters via that other site. It was pretty cheap. I hope they will arrive before my wife and I go on vacation.

Chris, I had read about fdisk100 this morning but I'll have to research how it works. I'm not sure how it's different from a regular fdisk command. Thanks for the suggestion.