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HP65 which magnetic cards ? - Alberto Fenini - 10-03-2010

Dear All,

I have different sets of blank cards

can be both used with HP65 ?

thanks in advance, take care Alberto

Re: HP65 which magnetic cards ? - Dieter - 10-03-2010

All cards for the HP65, 67/97 and 41 have the same size (something like 71,1 x 11,3 mm - maybe someone has the offical specs), and AFAIK any of these can be used in any calculator.

Looking at the picture I see one card with the classic HP65-layout and another one that looks like a card for the HP67/97/41, just with only one clippable corner instead of two. So there are also no marks and arrows indicating side A and B. To me this looks like a late HP65-card with the newer design that afterwards (and/or at the same time) was also used for the dedicated HP67/97/41 cards (that fit the HP65 as well). I'm sure someone here will have an exact answer. :-)


Re: HP65 which magnetic cards ? - Thomas Chrapkiewicz - 10-03-2010

Yes; as mentioned both are usable in the HP65.

When the HP65 was first released, your top card was the only card available. These cards were double-sided, although HP did not publicized this fact.

As the HP67/97 was released, the double sided cards were released, and us HP65 users were made (formally) aware of the double-sided property. Then these same cards were usable with the HP41 series. I believe the 67/97/41 used higher density recording methods, but the magnetic properties of the cards were identical.

There are some nuggets of this information in the HP65 notes with these details. If anyone is interested I will try to find those.