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HP-97 Aluminum Printer Gear - aj04062 - 09-15-2010

I saw a few days ago a listing on tha auction site for a replica idler gear for these printers. The price was reasonable when compared to Katie's method (given the mods required)

I was going to buy one tonight but the listing is gone. I don't know if it just expired or he is done selling. Has anyone bought one and has this guys contact information?

Thanks in advance.

Re: HP-97 Aluminum Printer Gear - M. Joury - 09-15-2010

You might be able to get the info you need by searching completed auctions.

Re: HP-97 Aluminum Printer Gear - Michael de Estrada - 09-15-2010

The seller's eBay name is davehal2001 and his real name is Dave Bowman, dmbowman@mchsi.com. I have one of those idler gears, and it works perfectly. I also bought a perfectly restored HP 97 from him. I recommend him without reservation.


Re: HP-97 Aluminum Printer Gear - Ignazio Cara (Italy) - 09-16-2010

I wish to confirm what we said Michael, gears supplied by davehal2001 are the best. Some time ago a French friend (hello Etienne) gave me two brass gears, good but noisy, then I bought a German company. I sold several HP-97, and plans to sell other, all with this particular gear. I have so many original plastic (?) idle gears in good condition: if anyone is interested can contact me directly.
Greetings to all


Re: HP-97 Aluminum Printer Gear - aj04062 - 09-16-2010

Thank you ALL,

I will get a hold of Dave.

Hey Ignazio, have you seen my last email regarding my troubled 65?