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Emu48 skins - Martin Pinckney - 09-15-2010

Just started to use Emu48 to experiment with programs before loading them into the real calculator. I prefer the realistic skin.

Problem is, on my laptop (also on the auxiliary screen I use when at home or the office) with modern screen resolution, the realistic skin that came with the downloaded Emu48 is so tiny, I have to get close to the screen to read it! (About half size).

Has anyone found a larger realistic skin, or otherwise solved this problem?


Re: Emu48 skins - Richard Garner - 09-15-2010

You can find many different skins at hpcalc.org. There are several nice realistic skins there. I know that may of the skins come in verying resolutions.

Re: Emu48 skins - Christoph Giesselink - 09-15-2010

Hi Martin,

Yes, you're right. The old skins delivered with Emu48 are getting too small on modern displays. Most of these one are created around the LCD Zoom 2 size.

I recently bought a 24'' monitor and the only satisfied resolution was the natural one of 1920x1080. And and this resolution the Zoom 2 size skins are still readable, but I agree, they should be larger. But the only way to get larger ones, is to write them. Best IMHO will be a skin based on the LCD Zoom 3 setting.

I don't know any realistic skins at the moment, which base on LCD Zoom 3 setting. Non realistic skins can be grabbed from the Emu48 Pocket PC project. Most of the skins for VGA or WVGA resolution are Zoom 3 ones.

Example for HP48SX and HP48GX:


Example for HP49G:


Writing new KML scripts is a highly time consumptive job. I recently rewrote a realistic Zoom 2 to a Zoom 3 skin of a Saturn based calculator, it took me about 2-3 hours.



Edited: 15 Sept 2010, 8:09 p.m.

Re: Emu48 skins - Martin Pinckney - 09-15-2010

Thanks, Richard, Christoph.

Right now I am using 48SX_STD, by Leszek Ulman, which is at least the same shape and layout of the calculator, if not strictly realistic. And it is maybe 95% of full size on my laptop screen; 105% on my auxiliary screen, so size-wise a good compromise.

Re: Emu48 skins - Dave Shaffer (Arizona) - 09-16-2010

What if you downgrade the display resolution of your laptop? (Maybe not so good if you are switching around between a bunch of programs.)

Re: Emu48 skins - Martin Pinckney - 09-16-2010

What if you downgrade the display resolution of your laptop?
Yes, this could work for the duration of a session using the emulator.

Re: Emu48 skins - Martin Pinckney - 09-16-2010

No, 800x600 is the best (worst) I can get. Still way too small.

Re: Emu48 skins - Martin Pinckney - 09-19-2010

I don't know how I missed it before, but AK's HP48S/SX script By Arno Kuhl, found at hpcalc.org, is just what I was looking for.