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"While supplies last." - Jon S Canale - 09-08-2010

HP Solve Newsletter for August seems just to have been posted. Mention of the 300s at Staples USA and the HP30b at Office Depot USA and Staples Europe both make a point of stating "while supplies last".

What is with this? Did HP just make a short run of these calculators and then we'll never see them again?

More and more, it just doesn't look like HP is really serious about the calculator market. If it says it is, it's the craziest marketing strategy that I've ever seen!

Re: "While supplies last." - Tim Wessman - 09-09-2010

Nah, 30b is in Office Depot now. ( Hurrah! )

I think the staples thing is a special shipper - one of those stand up display things for back to school time frame. I might be wrong on that. That is probably what is meant by while supplies last I would guess.

I hope they are serious! Otherwise I will be out of a job. :-(


Re: "While supplies last." - Jon S Canale - 09-09-2010


Hope you keep your job! And I hope HP wakes up and starts putting some effort into the calculator market!

Re: "While supplies last." - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 09-10-2010


I think WE (all of us who actually can) should make an effort into the actual calculator market, I mean, professionals in the scientific and educational areas (mostly educational) who are committed on doing the right thing. I know that it will cause argument fighting (and should), but once possible calculator users do not care too much developing their own skills in professional acting (hence no need for calculators to help them so) chances are that they prefer enhancing their skills in using any calculating devices, and I mean all kinds (computers and pocket wizards with all kinds of software).

When HP was about to present the Expander, somehow the market signalized something else. I miss the time the market used to eagerly wait for new scientific developments do find its way ahead; today we see that scientific development is stuck in the marketing lack of ability to identify its own way ahead.


Luiz (Brazil)