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HP71 to PC - guillermo - 05-04-1999

Has any one accomplished this with a homemade wire? I mean one that goes from the four IL ins and outs on the unit to the serial port on the pc. How can this be done? I have the software, 71b, interface, IL manual, and a serial port cable. Can anyone help with their experiences? Thank you.

Re: HP71 to PC - Dave - 05-04-1999

You need an adapter HPIL to RS232 They tend to be hard to find.

Re: HP71 to PC - Reinhard Hawel - 05-05-1999

Yes, I have accomplished this with the naked calculator.

I want to post this Information as one of the first things on my upcoming HP-71 expert webpage. Please wait some time, as this is also a matter of time for me and I have rather much to do. Send mail, if it is urgent.

Re: HP71 to PC - Peter Arnold - 05-30-1999


I would very much welcome the information on how to connect a 71B to a PC when it is available.

Many thanks.