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HP 41 to PC possible? - SpeedyVV - 08-25-2010

I have "restored" my HP41CX that had been put away since Uni back in 85. My daughter asked if I had a scientific calculator...I said..."do I ever".

I was very surprised that the batteries on it while dead did not ruin the calculator.

To my bigger surprise, the Source in Canada still sold N size batteries, and that the calculator came to life. :)))

Last but not least, there is all this stuff on the net regarding this calculator, including a virtual museaum. How cool is that.

My HP has a PPC, Math I, abd Circuits I rom.

The one thing I could not find on the net, is if there is a way today to connect the 41CX to a Windows PC. That was the one thing I always wished this calculator could do.

Save programs, files, etc., on the PC and be able to send it back would be really cool.

I remember there was a HP\IL interface to connect to devices but there was nothing to connect to a PC.

Does anyone know if there is a solution today for that?


Re: HP 41 to PC possible? - Allen - 08-25-2010

Yes, 2 options:
1) ISA HP-IL board (HP82973A) (requires ISA Slot) http://www.hpcc.org/datafile/hp41/PCGatewayEmulator.html

2) PIL box for USB connectivity: http://www.jeffcalc.hp41.eu/hpil/index.html

Re: HP 41 to PC possible? - SpeedyVV - 08-25-2010

Thanks... the PIL box looks like a great option.

Re: HP 41 to PC possible? - John Robinson - 08-26-2010

Welcome back to the wonderful world of the HP41 !! - Of course with your daughter using you're old calc, you'll need to obtain another for yourself - HAHA !!

I can vouch for the PIL-box, I bought one a few months ago - way cool !! You'd probably need some other tools to do anything with the files written to the Mass Storage (HP-IL Cassette Drive) device, as they are written in LIF format. Jeff has a viewer called ILvlif, but it shows raw bytes on the media.


Re: HP 41 to PC possible? - DavidShenk - 08-26-2010

I have a PIL box too. You can get them as a kit or prebuilt. I found it easy to build and it works great!