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eBay now or hold on? - klipspringer - 05-05-2002

What with eBay prices on HP calcs going through the roof, it occurs to me I might want to auction off some of my wee HP collection. I mean, we could be at the bursting point of some speculative bubble and the best money is to be made now. Or else, of course, it's to be made a year down the road, two years, three...
What'd'yall think? Is this the best time or is the balloon likely to double in size over the next little while or so?

Re: eBay now or hold on? - Frank - 05-05-2002

As a collector, I would not look at the "money making" side too seriously, If I get back out what I have in them, it's OK, a more is OK too and it helps me get other things, but I do not buy and resell hoping to make money (though as many have proven this opportunity is there), I enjoy the calculators. I have probably over collected again right now and have some other wants so I may just have to sell down now myself. For rarities, keep them if you like them and can afford to do so. Prices and the economy varies, as do collectors desire to have. I'm sure there are other opinions and would welcome them.

Re: eBay now or hold on? - Holtzenburg Carouac - 05-05-2002

Nope. You should hold. They will only increase in value. A year from now a mint 41Cx will top $1000. A mint PCC ROM will full docs will have a "fixed" price of nearly $6000.

The inside scoop is that there are two or three top-level private buyers out there trying to buy up stock, corner the market, then see what happens. They only buy the best stock, cost no object.

H Carouac

Re: eBay now or hold on? - Chip Stevens - 05-05-2002

Yes. That is mostly correct. It is a private fund managed North of The Gate. It has "big institutional money" backing, and warehouse facilities for the equipment.


Re: eBay now or hold on? - David Smith - 05-05-2002

Wanna buy my PPC ROM... I'll part with it for only five grand... it'll give you a 20 percent return in a year.

Re: eBay now or hold on? - Chip Stevens - 05-05-2002

Thanks, but I'm not running the fund. I only have heard about it. And 20% to those types is a nice weekly return.

And if you can answer that - Jim L - 05-05-2002

then why didn't you tell me when to dump all my tech stocks???

Re: eBay now or hold on? - HP Freakonomics - 05-05-2002

hold on to 'em. Unlike beanie babies which could be manufactured cheaply and easily and in whatever number required, there are only a fixed number of old classic HP calculators available. The only economic value comes from scarcity. The old classic HPs are scarce, in time more will break or be thrown away, and collectors will hoard the rest. They will become more and more scarce hence more valuable. Speculative bubble or no, time is on your side. Even if HP starts manufacturing HP-41C's again, they won't be in the right serial number range and the value of the oldies will stay high. The only thing that keeps me awake at night is wondering if there is some guy in Corvallis with a WAREHOUSE FULL of thousands of new old stock HP-16C's in boxes (no shrink wrap), waiting to dump 'em on ebay ten or twenty at a time.

Re: eBay now or hold on? - Institutional Buyer - 05-05-2002

Sell all you have now on EBay. I'd be happy to take them off your hands at "Institutional" pricing. I'm trying to corner the market on used HP calculators.

I am the infamous Super Wealthy Institutional HP Calculator Buyer.


Re: eBay now or hold on? - Christof (US) - 05-06-2002

And you know how much this *sucks* for those of us who want to USE calculators?

I'd be really, really, really happy is someone did start making hp41cv clones and modules. (and the hp28-s especially if the put the insides of a 48gx in a clamshell.)


Re: eBay now or hold on? - Frank - 05-06-2002

Another point is that a good bit of the market goes away as we do. There are exceptions and in top condition rare will be rare for historical value, however folks that used them in the 70's and later, do for the most part seem to be the majority "consumers" in the market. Will younger generations collect these en masse, I know a few do?

Re: eBay now or hold on? - fred - 05-06-2002

How many people buy or even look at HP calc's on ebay ? Maybe a few hundred at the most ? Stories about people stockpiling 32SII's and the like are just that - stories. My tip is this - with the money you intend to spend on old calculators, buy HewPaq shares instead and watch them grow.

Re: eBay now or hold on? - David Smith - 05-06-2002

There is not really much need for anyone to make 41CV machines right now. Even at Ebay prices, they are readily available for much less than a new one could be sold for. Same for modules (well, most of them at least).