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HP71b - which power supply - Alberto Fenini - 08-17-2010

ciao a tutti,

which external power supply can be used safely with an HP71b ?

my guess would be the same as for the HP41 family

but I will appreciate your help

take care, Alberto

Re: HP71b - which power supply - Raymond Del Tondo - 08-17-2010

Ciao Alberto,

the one that fits into the 82161A will do, in Germany it's the 82066B.



Re: HP71b - which power supply - Don Shepherd - 08-17-2010

The 82059D works fine with my 71b.

Re: HP71b - which power supply - Gerson W. Barbosa - 08-17-2010

That's the one I use on mine. The output is rated 8VAC/3VA MAX but on I measuring it I found 13.4V (12.6V when the 71B is turned on, but not running). This should be normal since the HP-71B represents no load to the power supply. However the first time I used it one tantalum capacitor blew up inside the 71B (which has not been replaced yet). I don't remember what I did wrong, I only remember I had removed the batteries, but this would not damage the computer, according to the manual. The recommendations in the manual might be useful:

"Turn the HP-71B off before connecting the unit to a power outlet. This will prevent unexpected voltage 'spikes' from disturbing the contents of memory. When connected to a power outlet, the HP-71B uses the batteries as a backup power and normally doesn't draw any power from them. You won't damage the HP-71B by using the computer without batteries, but you may lose everything in memory should there be a power outage or an intermittent connection to the voltage source."

Re: HP71b - which power supply - Etienne Victoria - 08-17-2010

The 82066 is fine in Europe 220V

The 82059 is suitable to the 110V mains.



Re: HP71b - which power supply - RamLab - 08-18-2010

Not only for the Power Supply, but also to replace a Capacitor,
have a look at the hpmuseum site
ther you can find the 71 Handheld Computer Service Manual
5-13 AC Adapters.


Re: HP71b - which power supply - Alberto Fenini - 08-18-2010

Thanks everybody, very helpful, as always, grazie !!