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Oldies and goodies? - Egan Ford - 08-16-2010

Just ran across this and thought I'd share.


Forgot to add this.


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Re: Oldies and goodies? - Don Shepherd - 08-16-2010

It seems that one company is missing.

: )

Re: Oldies and goodies? - Egan Ford - 08-16-2010

Yes. Very odd. When I think calculator I've always thought HP.

Re: Oldies and goodies? - Jerry Raia - 08-17-2010

I did have the TI SR10. I think it was my first calculator.

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Missing from the list - Palmer O. Hanson, Jr. - 08-17-2010

It isn't only HP which is missing from the list. Others from my limited collection include Checkmate, Cybernet, Korvette, Miida, Monroe, Montgomerry Ward, Royal, Soundesign, Teal and Unicom.

As to old adding machines I prefer some of the genuine antiques where my favorites include the rotary Addometers (made by a typewriter company and built like a truck) and the Magic-Brain pocket size push down adders.


Re: Oldies and goodies? - Andrés C. Rodríguez (Argentina) - 08-17-2010

I had a SR-10, later replaced with a SR-11 when the first got lost. My next calculator was a HP-25, and from that moment I never looked back to TI models.

Re: Oldies and goodies? - Martin Pinckney - 08-17-2010

From the first site:

I am slowly revamping the images and descriptions - and have another 100+ calculators to put on - so keep looking!

Odds are the 100+ includes many HP's. Saving the best for last?

Re: Oldies and goodies? - Jerry Raia - 08-17-2010

I believe the 25 was my next one too :)