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How can I test a calculator ? - Guillermo Castarés - 05-03-1999

I know that pressing and holding [ON] and pressing and releasing [/], and then releasing [ON], the keyboard test is started in the HP-15C. With [ON] and [x] is possible to test the calculator and display functionality.

Similar and more complete tests exist in the HP-48SX.

It could be usefull to me and to all the HP collectors to know how to perform these test in all the other HP models, to test a calculator before pay for it. Could anybody help me ?

Thanks. (I think it is a good info for the Collectors Corner of the HPMuseum)

Re: How can I test a calculator ? - Lute - 05-05-1999

pag.273 Owners MAnual HP-71

Type PI [ENTER]. If display is 3.14159265359 then more 60% circuits are ok.

Press [ON] and [/] simultasneously, then press [ENTER] to execute level 1 initialitation. The display should now display Replace cursor (basic mode) or Insert cursor (calc mode).

Press [ON] and [/] simultasneously, then 2 and press [ENTER] to execute level 2 initialitation (INIT: 2); Hp-71 will do self test of circuits. The display ROM TEST 1 as it begins to test, and display ROM TEST 1G 2, ROM TEST 1G 2G, ROM TEST 1G 2G, 3 ROM TEST 1G 2G 3G 4 ROM TEST 1G 2G 3G 4G If all is ok all number continue with the letter are G; if faulty circuits are detected some letter are B (service are required).

Re: How can I test a calculator ? - Bert K - 05-06-1999

You have a point here Guillermo. Did you contact the MoHPC about this?

Instead of exchanging the self test methods of different HP calculators here it would be better to store all these methods in one place. Realising the MoHPC webmaster can't be expected to know them all, the gaps could be filled in by us, the users and collectors.

Re: How can I test a calculator ? - Mike Sebastian - 05-07-1999

For some bizarre reason, I've been collecting self-test information on various calculators, including HPs. Here is what I currently know about HPs:

HP Pioneer series:

display test: C and top_row_5th_key; end with C and top_row_3rd_key

keyboard test: C and top_row_4th_key


display test: ON and E; end with ON and C

keyboard test: ON and D, then E


display test: ON and left_arrow; end with ON and up_arrow

keyboard test: ON and down_arrow


internal test: ON and divide, then 2, then END_LINE