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HP 32S Successor - ka6uup - 07-30-2010

My beloved HP 32S died after about 20 years of continual use and about 5 years of twisting and such to get the right row of buttons to work. Since I had nothing to lose, I managed to get it apart and determined that it was the lower right corner of the pc board that was at fault. While pressing HARD on it I could get it to work but
even after cleaning everything no luck.
Then I managed to break of the tab on that corner and finis.
Which of the current HP calculators comes closest to a replacement for the 32S?

Re: HP 32S Successor - David Hayden - 07-30-2010

Look at the 33s and possibly the 35s. I think these have similar features to the 32s, although things like programming and entering complex numbers is probably different.

There are others on the forum who know much more about these models than I do, so if someone disagrees with me, you should believe their opinion, not mine :)


Re: HP 32S Successor - bill platt - 07-30-2010

33s is very similar in programming--almost identical. It has equations as well as RPN and you can put the equations in the programs, too. The 33s is a newer replacement for the 32sii, which also had equations but in all other senses was almost identical in function to your 32s.

The 35s is also similar, but there are some significant differences in the details of programming it, compared to the 32s. You will find that the 33s takes no adjustment to your programming understanding, though you do have to get used to the new keyboard layout. The 35s takes more reading of the manual to understand the "aha!" differences.

Or you can try for an ebay special.

Re: HP 32S Successor - Ed Look - 07-30-2010

Let me chime in with these guys and suggest the 33S. I also am using the 33S as a replacement for my 32SII, which I love (but it's getting OLD). Initially, I was put off by the 33S, which did not physically resemble much the black/brown Pioneer series machines. But after using it, I love it, just as much as the 32SII because of its similarity in use and not only in its programming. While the 33S keyboard is obviously not quite the same as that of the 32SII, there's essentially no real learning curve involved with switching from the 32SII to the 33S. And then, the 33S has more program memory, which is nice. I did not program my 32SII much; I do program my 33S. Oh yeah, the 33S feels good in my hand.

As to the 35s, it looks much nicer, but I like the 33S more, most likely due to its operational ease and similarity to the 32SII.

Re: HP 32S Successor - Michael de Estrada - 07-30-2010

I have an HP 32SII, 33S and 35S. The keys and display on the 32SII are much better that the 33S (awful) and 35S (just OK). I've long ago removed the batteries from the 33S and use the 35S infrequently, but use the 32SII regularly. I don't do any programming with any of these calcs, and mostly do programming on my 50g in RPL.

Re: HP 32S Successor - Dave Shaffer (Arizona) - 07-30-2010

You might get BOTH a 33S and a 35S - total on ebay (the site which is not to be mentioned, but which gets mentioned a lot here!) should be under $100 - less than a replacement 32S on ebay.

Try them and see which you like better, then sell the other one! I have both. The 35S looks better, but they both do what I need (which doesn't involve much programming). They are what I grab to do something quick (rather than my 11S and 41CV, which seem to be living in the drawer these days - maybe subconsciously I don't want to risk damaging them).

(PS 73 from W8MIF)

Edited: 30 July 2010, 1:04 p.m.

Re: HP 32S Successor - Trent Moseley - 07-30-2010

I disliked the 35s so much that I took out the batteries and put it on the proverbial shelf. Out of my 10 Hp's the only other one that got that treatment was the 31E.


Re: HP 32S Successor - Walter B - 07-30-2010

Please note the previous posters talked about the 33S and 35S succeeding the 32SII, not really the 32S. There is a big difference in keyboard layout between the 32S and 32SII, however. So if you loved your 32S - try to get another one on TAS. Since many people prefer more functions printed on the keyboard (i.e. the 32SII kind of layout), you may even get a 32S for less $$$.

Re: HP 32S Successor - db (martinez, ca.) - 07-30-2010

have you tried randy at fixthatcalc.com ?

Re: HP 32S Successor - bill platt - 07-30-2010

I lent mine to my son, who promptly lost it at school.

Re: HP 32S Successor - Martin Pinckney - 08-01-2010

I second this. The 32s and 32sii have rather different user interfaces.