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HP 31, 32 ,33, etc Battery covers - aj04062 - 07-21-2010

I posted before that I was going to make some of these via rapid proto plastic. Here are picts of the Alpha unit:

It needs more work. Please comment if you would like to see a finshed product. I plan to tweak the dims and make a Beta unit soon.

Edited: 21 July 2010, 9:46 p.m.

Re: HP 31, 32 ,33, etc Battery covers - db (martinez, ca.) - 07-21-2010

that is one of the most useful replacement parts you could have made. a lot of those doors are lost. be sure to try your prototype in a few spice units. some doors will fit one calculator but not others. they had great keys but not very good casting (or whatever you call that process).

Re: HP 31, 32 ,33, etc Battery covers - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 07-22-2010

Yep, I agree with db, some of these doors are always made for the other calc...

I have seen some of these broken, but it seems to me it is because of this very same fact: as they do not fit in, a bit of extra 'brute force' and they snap. Some of them are a bit loose sideways, and in this case they fit in almost every Spice. Something to check out... I cannot tell for sure, but I have been with a bunch of Spices and I saw at least three broken doors. I glued one of them and kept it in one of my Spices, 'just in case', and it is still in one piece. Of course, I do my job removing and replacing it carefully, so it does not count for a daily use.

Great handcraft! In time: have you thought about the little Voyager´s battery door? They are smaller and a lot easier to disappear and/or crack. Well, because they are smaller they may also be harder to carve, but they have less details to be considered and they are much easier to place/remove, so they do not crack so easy. I think it would find some more interested people, too.

About the color of the prototype:: you know what? I do not dislike it. My HP34C would look very distinctive with a white/beige battery door...

Cheers.and Congrats!

Luiz (Brazil)

Re: HP 31, 32 ,33, etc Battery covers - Mark Henderson - 07-23-2010

I would definitely buy a couple.

Re: HP 31, 32 ,33, etc Battery covers - Xavier A. (Brazil) - 07-29-2010

Excellent work, and very helpful!

Thank you!