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uCalc - DaveJ - 06-29-2010

For those interested in the uCalc, there was some talk about it on my latest live blog show:


Jump to 37:00


Re: uCalc - Pablo P (Spain) - 06-30-2010

Hi, where can I find more information about ucalc (its hardware, specifications, etc...)? Any official website?

Pablo (from Spain)

Edited: 30 June 2010, 2:29 p.m.

Re: uCalc - BobVA - 06-30-2010

I don't know of a website, but there's some very interesting design discussions here , here and here . Current status is discussed within this thread


Re: uCalc - John Robinson - 06-30-2010

Website is http://www.calcwatch.com/

Re: uCalc - Pablo P (Spain) - 07-01-2010

Hi Dave, I have read the links about uCalc and I can say that it is amazing. I am waiting for the final version!

If you release it I'd buy one.

Edited: 1 July 2010, 6:14 a.m.

Re: uCalc - Martin Pinckney - 07-01-2010

Well, that's the uWatch.

As Dave said, he hasn't had time to finish the uCalc.

Re: uCalc - Bill Zimmerly - 07-02-2010

Dave - your Youtube videos are fantastic! Great job, and I love the enthusiasm that you bring to your work.

Not only was I highly entertained, but I learned a lot of things too.

Although they were all great, my favourite video was #31 on the documentation of the NEC micro-controllers. Also, the series on your DIY watch and the Bible of Electronics, "The Art of Electronics" - keep up the good work!

- Bill, a bloody yank in Hillsboro, Missouri, USA (Laughing!)